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Tutorial nAiO

Messagepar Abysse-Luga » 05 Mai 2020, 01:15

Hi, since the release of Ankama Launcher the configuration is a little bit different so i will help you with the procedure.

Go in the configuration, and then in the section Account.

naio.png (75.78 Kio) Vu 17360 fois

At the level of Call parameters, click on the 3 dots and click on Dofus Retro

Screenshot_3.png (13.99 Kio) Vu 17360 fois

Then click on the shortcut and go in the tab Multis and save.
Screenshot_1.png (14.53 Kio) Vu 17360 fois

And check the case Multi connection mode to switch to the mode sequential
Screenshot_2.png (12.43 Kio) Vu 17360 fois

Go back to the shortcut and click on Autoconnect and registered
Screenshot_4.png (14.6 Kio) Vu 17360 fois

Click on the grey box and click on Parameters for Dofus Retro and registered.

For the mode 32 bits you must close the application nAiO
Go in the file Data of nAiO

Then open the file Config_01.ini

Research the line with " PatternDofus=[REGEXPTITLE:^Dofus\s?([a-zA-Z0-9\.\:,]*)$; CLASS:ApolloRuntimeContentWindow] "
and replace it with "PatternDofus=[REGEXPTITLE:^Dofus(\s.*?)?$; CLASS:ShockwaveFlash]"
like on the picture

Then registered and this is the end nAiO will work in version 32 bits.

Sincerely, Abysse-Luga .
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